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National Health Interoprability Infrastructure (NHII)

Healthcare is a multi-trillion dollar global market, highly fragmented cottage industry, which cuts across many vertical industries, with the least automated business practices. Unlike other industry sectors, an infrastructure for healthcare interoperability is virtually non-existent.

Anywhere, anytime, healthcare information and decision support are what the National Health Interoperability Infrastructure (NHII) is all about. It is an infrastructure, a platform for the electronic capture, access, use, exchange and storage of quality healthcare data.

RKTEK's NHII blueprint is designed as a Federated Service Oriented Architecture (FSAO), which forms the basis for a common framework for clinical processes collaboration. The design uses a set of open standard-based technologies which enables seamless interoperations between different software applications, running on a variety of platforms and/or frameworks.

The applied security design is distributed security and identity management architecture. This is to overcome the seemingly intractable governance model required in a national implementation setting. RKTEK’s solutions are designed from the onset for large scale national roll out. It consists of an Object Management System that can be deployed to support millions of person/patient objects in a linearly scalable environment.

The underlying architecture provides for:

  • System of interoperable Local Health Information Infrastructures (LHII)
  • Common data formats
  • Common information vocabularies
  • Common set of tools to support healthcare delivery applications (such as electronic prescribing)
  • Standardized mechanism for security and identity management
  • Access control mechanisms for information privacy enforcement
collaborate to interoperate

collaborate to interoperate