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Digital transformation strategists for a collaborative ecosystem

In the world of IT entropy dominates and chaos rules

We R K TEK order from chaos

About Us

RKTEK is a management consulting firm based in Chicago, Illinois. At RKTEK we are all about helping set your digital transformation strategy for the SMART digital era.

Information technology (IT) systems are highly complex and fragmented. They employ a variety of technologies and vendors incorporating different standards resulting in inefficiency, waste, and errors. Information often gets trapped in silos unable to be shared with other systems. The IT industry is in great need of a paradigm shift to improve the quality and efficiency of its operations, to resolve the challenges of interoperability and collaboration among stakeholders.

To address these challenges one must:

  • establish accountability to break down the silos. This is attained only by redefining roles and responsibilities from the start.
  • To interoperate and collaborate is to decouple. It is the interoperability of systems, people, organizations, and processes that create a collaborative ecosystem.

IT people will build what technology tools can do and not necessarily what the business demands.

RKTEK provides a fit for purpose strategy for a collaborative ecosystem. The approach is role-based responsibility driven, which inherently leads to a secure role-based business process optimization formulating a digital transformation strategy for a SMART digital era embracing IoT at its core.

Common sense is not so common

- Voltaire

Responsibility ↔ capability and feature
Role ↔ purpose and function


  • a logical view is concerned with what 'things' represent
  • a physical view is concerned with how these 'things' are realized,

business operation is defined by roles and responsibilities that create the logical view for digital transformation

the physical view to digitally transform a business operation converts roles into functions and responsibilities into features.